We are glade, you are interested for our Online Modeling Franchise.

Overview (

Before we give you some exciting news regarding new concept of Online Modeling we would like to introduce ourself in short. is a website which provides customized, fast and affordable solution for draping and computerized modeling for unstitched fabrics like :

  • Sarees
  • Salwar Suits
  • Shirtings
  • Bedsheets

It provides the modeling service to the clients who wants to showcase their products in online portals like :

  • Amazon
  • FlipKart
  • SnapDeal etc.

This website helps you in modeling of unstitched fabrics at a very effective cost.

Overview (Franchise)

Onlinedrape which is very useful to anyone who wants to do computerized modeling individually by getting Franchise. Being a part of, you can get best returns by doing computerized modeling on Sarees, Salwar Suits,Bedsheets, Shirting etc.

Franchise Requirements

  • A digital photo camera.
  • A small setup for shooting of the fabric.

Franchisee Benefits

  • Drape your fabrics on desired models in the website(
  • Low Cost and High Returns.
  • No need to purchase any Software.
  • Instant output of draping image through online.

Customers Benefits

  • Very Low Cost in comparison to Real Modeling.
  • As stitching is not required so the Fabric always remains Fresh.

Work Flow

Step 1

You need to take Photo shoot for your textile fabric in three parts as like above pics.

Step 2

Make some colour correction on your fabric, if it is required.

Step 3

Upload your shooting images in the website ( in '.jpg' format along with pose selection

Step 4

Get your Final drapped image in your account. Later you can download it and send it to your customers.