How it work

In five step, you will get clear idea about our process

How to shoot Image?

  • Portfolio name

    Shoot Pallu

    Put the Pallu on wall and take a picture as you can see in photo.

  • Portfolio name

    Shoot Body

    Put Body material on wall and take picture as you can see in photo.

  • Portfolio name

    Shoot Blouse

    Put the Blouse on wall and take a close picture as you can see in photo.

  • Portfolio name

    Final Output

    After process the request, you will image similar to this on your pose.

How it works (In five steps)

Step: 1: Take Photo

Click images of plain fabric as shown in the images as below. Make sure to capture details of the fabric design as fine as possible.

Step: 2: Send Request

Login using your registered details, and start a "NEW MODELING" link. and,
  a. Select the Pose for final modeling
  b. its Background and
  c. Upload the images you have just clicked of the plain fabric.

Step: 3: Get Notification Email

Upon getting your "NEW MODELING" request, we will start our process. It will take around 4-6 business HOURS. When the modeling is finished, you will get the notification on your registered email.

Step: 4: Download Modeling Image

From the notification Email, you can directly go to the final result page by clicking the link in the Email and download / save your resulted final Modeling image in your computer.

Step: 5: Give Rating

We will be happy to hear your opinion upon completion of every job, by the Rating you give to each job.

Other Services

  • Online Modeling Tool
  • Background Removal
  • Catalogue Printing

100% Secure Payment Method

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  • Payment Method - Visa, Master Card, Net Banking

Online Drape in India

Online Shopping is the new trend. Small to medium size textile shops need modeling to sell Saree, Salwar Kameez, Bedsheet etc. online and offline stores.

The Online Drape provides customized, fast and affordable solution for draping and modelling. Choose from wide range of fashionable to traditional poses of Indian models, to showcase your products in much better way.

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